A little bit about me...
Hi, I'm Khrystyna, wife, mom, artist, based in NJ. I love candid style photography with honest smiles and walks around the city or a park. I'm an outdoorsy girl and all about shooting in all weather and terrain conditions, cities, parks, woods, lakes, muddy puddles, snow piles, you name it! I've been practicing photography for as long as I can remember myself, but I started doing it professionally about 6 years ago and since then my vision has become more creative and my style more natural. 

I love taking pictures that you can pick up years later and relive all of your  emotions, because I believe in photography that captures the split second moments that otherwise would go unnoticed, looks, smiles, touches and kisses that you want to keep forever on the pages of the album of your life. 

If you feel like we're on the same page, then lets take some pictures! Send me a message and I will get back to you asap!

Thank you!
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